In 2013, KHPS introduced the Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners (PBEL) program. The philosophy of this program aims to improve outcomes for all students by creating sustainable school-wide, classroom and individual systems of support that acknowledge the link between positive behaviour and enhanced learning environments.

PBEL provides students and staff at Killarney Heights PS with a positive and proactive system for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours.

Three core behavioural expectations are taught to all students through formal social skills instruction. These expectations are applied across all areas of the school. They are; RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and SUCCESS. In understanding what these expectations are, how they apply to all areas of the school, and the clear consequences of not following these expectations, students gradually learn to regulate their own behaviours. In order to reinforce positive behaviours, students are rewarded regularly and acknowledged through the school merit systems and assemblies. Our new Reward System rewards students with certificates for displaying the three expectations (respect, responsibility and success), for general good behaviour with a Principal's award and by receiving immediate rewards in the form of Voilas. At assembly three Voilas are picked out of the Voila box and these students receive a canteen voucher.
Students who display inappropriate behaviour are given time to discuss this behaviour and reflect on their behaviour. A clear flowchart exists to enable students to understand the appropriate consequences of their behaviour.

PBEL increases student engagement and learning by increasing ‘on-task’ behaviours and decreasing distractions in the learning environment. The result at Killarney Heights PS is a positive school environment in which student academic and social outcomes are improved through increased teaching time and consistent expectations of behaviour.

Staff at KHPS will continue to be assisted throughout the process so that they can intervene effectively to manage behaviours in non-classroom environments and, in the future, classroom settings. Data is collected and analysed regularly so that system changes can be made when necessary.

PBEL at Killarney Heights PS assists our staff in the delivery of the highest quality learning programs and improving academic and behavioural learning outcomes for all students.