KHPS Library

Killarney Heights PS has a well stocked library with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books in English and French as well as a technology room with 16 computers.The library provides a warm and welcoming environment for reading and research. The Teacher Librarian works with the classroom teachers to develop programs that relate to their teaching/learning programs.

Library Program

Students visit the library once a week for their library lesson.

Students can access the library during second half of lunch Monday to Friday.

Students can return and borrow books during library lessons.

Information skills are also taught, which enable the students to locate resources, selecting the most appropriate, and then organising and presenting the information in the most meaningful way.

Students work on a library program co-operatively planned by the classroom teacher and the Teacher Librarian.

Other Library Activities

Student Library Monitors perform a variety of tasks that assist the school librarian.

Book Fair held during Education Week - Parents can purchase quality literature in English and French for their children.

Book Week: Children's Book Week is celebrated each year in mid to late August.

Premier's Reading Challenge is an initiative by the Premier of NSW to encourage children to read. The challenge is open to all students from Years 3-8. The Reading Challenge book list can be viewed on the Premier's Reading Challenge website.  

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