Language programs

The learning of a language other than English aids both the social and cognitive development of our students. Studying another language encourages greater tolerance, understanding and appreciation of those from different cultural backgrounds and promotes the ability to adapt to future foreign language learning. At Killarney Heights Public School all students have the opportunity to learn Mandarin and French.


The Mandarin program offers a range of spoken and written language and cultural experiences for the children and Intensive Mandarin is also offered for native Chinese speakers.

Students in bilingual classes have the opportunity to attend Mandarin classes before school one morning a week.


Families who have taken up the offer for their children to learn French are placed in classes that have a dedicated Teacher of French supporting the class teacher/s. These students are taught French for up to half the day, where Anglophone and Francophone teachers work together to teach topics in all Key Learning Areas in both languages.

In addition to this, native French speaking children have more intense formal instruction in French.

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