Extra Curricular

Killarney Heights Public School's award winning environmental program leads the way for local schools. Warringah council declared Killarney Heights Public School a lighthouse school for environmental education. Killarney Heights students and teachers contributed to the development of the Northern Sydney Region Environmentally Sustainable School program. Our environmentally aware school has created a learning environment where environmental education is a key learning area for all students. Environmental education involves the planning and management of school grounds and many innovative programs have taken place to improve the school environment.

Actions included:

  • Recycling program
  • Landscaping areas and planning native plants
  • Vegetables gardens where students plant and harvest vegetables
  • Eco club where students K-6 plant and maintain school gardens
  • Resource audits of energy, waste and water use
  • Biodiversity surveys of school grounds
  • Developing plans, strategies and working groups to promote sustainability in the school

The school has received two grants for water tanks. This project involved the installation of rainwater tanks to store rainwater that is collected from the roof of the Killarney Heights Public School. The collected water is used to irrigate the school oval and surrounding grounds. Storm water run-off is also be captured and re-used for irrigation with the aim of reducing sediment in local bays and rivers which feed directly into Sydney Harbour. This project saves 1,080,000 litres of water each year.

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