KHPS English/French Bilingual Program

Enrolling your child at KHPS gives you the option of involvement in the English/French bilingual program.

This program was established in 1999 and is now offered as an option from Kindergarten to Year 6.  The English/French bilingual program is offered in the majority of classes at all stages of the school.  Our first group of bilingual students progressed to Killarney Heights High School in 2006 and completed their High School Certificate studies in French in Year 10, following an accelerated program.

The aim of the program is two-fold.  For children of French speaking parents, it is to reinforce their native tongue as a living language in an Australian school environment with an Australian curriculum.  For non-French speaking background children, it is to give them the experience of another language and culture in a natural way, not unlike the way they first learned to speak English.  For both groups of children, the program taps into their natural ability to acquire language and this stimulation appears to lead to better results in both literacy and numeracy.

The structure of the program ensures that for up to half the day, there is both an English speaking teacher and a native French speaking teacher in the classroom.  Rather than separating out the French activities, topics in all Key Learning Areas may be taught in both languages. There is also more intense formal instruction for the native French speaking children each day.

The bilingual program requires a strong partnership between the school, Teachers of French, and the extensive local French community.  On the administration side, FANS is responsible for the financial aspects of the programme (budget, recruitment of French teachers, fundraising activities).

In 2012, the school was awarded the Label FrancÉducation as recognition by the French Government of the excellent French / English bilingual education. Killarney Heights Public School is the first school to receive this accreditation in Australia.  

For more information on FANS, please visit the FANS website or contact Sabine Duffy at  To nominate your child for the program, please discuss with the school Principal. New enrolment queries are directed to the Enrolling at Killarney web page.

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