Being a class parent

One way of being involved with the school and more specifically with your child’s class, is to be a class parent. Class parents provide an important service to the teachers, students and parents of a class, helping to ensure that communication lines are open and that help in the form of extra hands, admin support or ideas – can be rallied when needed. It is a role that can be shared, so even if you are not at school every day for drop-off or pick up you can team up with another parent who is.

What does a class parent do? (This list is not exhaustive, and each class differs in range/amount of assistance needed)

  • Collating and keeping up to date the parent contact list for the class.
  • Distributing, mainly by email, information from the school, teachers and P&C to the parents.

Please note the following important information:

  • Privacy is vitally important when communicating to other parents. When emailing please BCC the class parent email list to avoid people viewing/using other people’s email addresses.
  • Only email class contact lists to other parents. Please do not print and make hard copies of the contact list.
  • Organising class get-togethers a few times a year – among parents and children.
  • Coordinating volunteers and resources for school functions, performances and fundraisers.
  • Organising gifts or expressions of appreciation for teachers on behalf of parents and students.

Time dedicated to the role: ranges from 30 mins per month to six hours per month, depending on the year and whether job sharing or not

What are the benefits of being a class parent?

  • Children enjoy having parents involved with the class.
  • Teachers appreciate having parents involved with the class.
  • You get to know other children and their parents, forming friendships.
  • You enjoy the satisfaction of teamwork.
  • You are an integral parent of the school community, by assisting the school and our children.

Tips from current class parents and teachers:

  • If you are willing to help, approachable, efficient and reliable then your class needs you!
  • Better if you can share the role between two class parents.
  • If you find you don’t have time to organise a coffee morning or money collections for example, co-opt other willing parents to help on a one off basis.
  • Only do what you can realistically fit in to your life – whatever you can do as a class parent will be appreciated.