The KHPS Canteen is open Monday - Friday for lunch (ordered online) and the cash sale of snacks and drinks at recess and lunchtime.

To order lunch you must register and order through our online ordering system at

It’s very easy!

  • Go to the webpage
  • Type in Killarney Heights Public School
  • Register your child’s name and class name
  • Peruse the menu and order lunch. 

This is our current menu.

You can pay for a one off with a credit card or set up an account and draw down from that over a period of time if you think you’ll be using the Canteen service regularly.

Items for recess can only be bought with cash.  Items ordered through the Flexischools system will all be delivered at lunchtime, so if you’re making a lunch order, please remember to give your child something for morning tea or a small amount of cash to buy something.  (Menu is attached)

Please don’t let your child bring large amounts of money to school; it’s a disaster when it gets lost.  A couple of dollars is plenty, there’s nothing for sale over the counter that’s more than $2.00

All lunches are cooked from scratch in the Canteen, all muffins are baked here and we aim to offer a healthy, tasty menu that appeals to the children with a pricepoint that appeals to busy parents.

Any profit that is made is paid directly to the KHPS P&C and then goes to fund whatever the school currently needs.  Last year (2014) we donated $15,000 back to the school!

If you have any spare time I am always looking for volunteers to help out in the Canteen.  I am here each day and work with 2 volunteers Monday to Thursday and 3 on Friday as this tends to be a busier day.  It’s easy and social and your kids simply love to see you here.  So if you’d like to give it a go please contact me via or by phone through the school Mon-Fri or just drop in for a visit  any time from 9am-3pm.

Pauhla Hill
KHPS Canteen Manager


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