Before/After School Care

Killarney Heights Out Of School Hours care (KHOOSH) is run by a specialist childcare company called 'Extend' for the families of Killarney Heights Public School. The phone number is: 0405 255 946

For more information about Extend, please visit the website

KHOOSH is held in the Bini, adjacent to the oval. Sessions are held on normal school days, during the hours of:

  • 7am to 8.30am
  • 3pm to 6pm

Our KHOOSH coordinators organise a variety of activities for the children in a friendly and caring environment. Here are some of the activities happening at KHOOSH:

  • craft
  • board games
  • creative fine motor play such as Lego and Magnetix, and
  • baking.

There are no computer games in KHOOSH. Children play ball games or other gross motor games out in the playground. Older children are encouraged to do homework and a quiet space is provided.

Extend staff recognises that the youngest students need assistance getting to and fro. Consequently, in the morning, Kindergarten children are taken to their class by a member of staff and then collected from class at 3pm.  Children in other years are expected to make their own way to KHOOSH. 

Afternoon tea is provided for children. KHOOSH is a nut free environment.


For further information or to book your child into KHOOSH please phone the number below. If calling out of ‘KHOOSH session’ hours, please leave a message on the answering service. Alternatively, please visit the Extend website at

KHOOSH  (Extend) 0405 255 946

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