Attendance and absence


Attendance at school is compulsory. Parents are requested to co operate with the school by making sure that their children attend regularly and that attendance is punctual. School starts at 9am sharp.


Student absence from school for any period requires a written explanation, signed and dated by the child's parent or guardian. As a legal requirement students should bring a letter of explanation to school the day after their absence which is then kept on file.

If children need to be taken out of school during school hours parents must go to the office to receive an Early Departures Slip prior to collecting the child stating time of leave and reason.

Similarly when children arrive at school late or are returned from an absence during school hours, parents must see the office for a late slip, stating time of arrival and reason for leave. All of our rolls are electronic so it is important that students always arrive or leave via the office during school hours.

If a student is going to be absent from school for an extended period of time exceeding 15 and up to 50 school days,  exemptions are no longer given as per the new DEC Attendance Policy. However, permission must sought from  the school Principal.

The Department of Educaiton's Home School Liaison Officer checks class rolls and student attendance. Home school liaison officers are specially trained teachers who support schools by working with students and their families when regular attendance is an issue.

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